any way to activate restore system at start up using command line


first of all I want to congratulate Comodo people on this excellent product, very usefull on our day by day computer safety.

Our intention is to use it on a quite big group of computers, and it would be quite usefull for us if there was a way to activate the “restore system at start up” with a command line program like “ctmcmd”, let’s say in a “batch” way.

Is that possible? Thanks in advance.


Hi Frank:
The “Scheduled Restore Task” feature is useful for u.

I know but is it possible “to schedule a restore task” from command line?

Yes, it is.

ctmcmd.exe parameters

/L List snapshot(s)
/N Create snapshot
/R Restore snapshot
/S Show icon
/H Hide icon
/U Uninstall
/RB Reset baseline
/RF Synchronize files
/RN Rename snapshot
/DEL Delete snapshot(s)
/LOCK Lock snapshot
/UNLOCK Unlock snapshot
/LOGIN Login
/LOGOFF Logout
/MOUNT Mount snapshot
/DISMOUNT Unmount snapshot
/MOUNTINFO Show mounting information
/RECOVERFILE Recover Files
/CURRENTUSER Show current user
/? Show help document
/VER Show version information

Currently, you can not add(delete,modify) a scheduled task from command line.

That’s what I wanted to know. Thanks a lot to all.