[Any] vs -

Whats the difference between [Any] and - in application remote IP range? Surely there the same thing, so why are rules automatically created using one or the other at random times.

Also noticed that rules can only group in to one when theres [Any] for remote and port, I guess thats as remote and port range could be different otherwise. But if there the same range it would be tidier to group them still.

Hi Steve,

Actually there is no difference. We wanted to use as many rule types as possible in creating default rules so that users can see theese different choices.

Yes. CPF tries to group the related rules into one single rule as much as possible. We are completely redesigning the application rules interface according to the feedback from our users. So this behavior will completely change.


Thanks, nice to see great support and constant development, quite the opposite from my previous Sun***t Kerio. Expect to see even more of us comming to you.


Look forward to seeing you guys :slight_smile:

The Party is here (J)