Any suggestion how to protect my notebook Li-Ion battery?

Hi can anyone clear this little problem in how to protect my Li-Ion battery from wearing to much?
Should I used til 30% and recharged till 100% and again unplug the charger and repeat the steps?
Should I keep the battery plugin in laptop, even if is 100%, should I keep the AC plugin, and 1 time per mount should I make a cycle 100-10%?
Or should I charge my battery till 40% and pull out from my laptop, and store in a dry an cold place(but for how long time, because the battery is discharging in time)?

Waiting right reply, Thanks

Your question has a lot of facets. The laptop (Notebook) should always be plugged in at 100% to defer from the battery.

Without knowing the battery type, this is a difficult question to answer.

If your battery is a NiMH, it won’t suffer from the voltage depression effect (often called memory effect) that NiCD’s do. NiCD’s must have a full discharge between recharge cycles, otherwise the voltage depression will get more pronounced, causing the battery capacity to greatly diminish over time.

With NiMH’s, you can still charge the battery if it is only partially discharged with no ill effects, but there is still some voltage depression, so for long life, it is still recommended to fully discharge the batteries every so often before recharging.

With a Li-ion battery, it is actually recommended to never allow the battery to fully discharge, and recharge more frequently, as depth of discharge greatly reduces the number of charge cycles the battery is good for. (the greater the discharge depth, the less charge cycles the battery can sustain) However, if the battery is a smart battery, a full discharge is required occasionally to calibrate the fuel gauge.

All rechargeable batteries do not like to be overheated or overcharged, so if the battery is at full capacity, don’t leave it plugged in while the device is off, because it will be attempting to trickle charge the battery.

If you need to store it, it’s best to remove it from the device and store it in a cool dry place. It is best to store both NiMH and Li-ion at 40% charge.

Here is a site + tool + help documentation that might help you out

Thank you Ronny that’s really helpful :a0
Thank you guys for your replays

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