any site * seen as infected

“” is a webhosting site.
Anyone can make a site “”.
But these sites are not directly linked with each other.
So if a few of them were found infected I don’t see the reason to mark all of them infected.
I hope you’ll modify your program to make this distinction.

Thank you

Best regards, Cosmin

From what program are you getting the alert? CIS or are you using Site Inspector in Comodo Dragon?

Hello Cosmin3,

Thank you for reporting this. We’ll check it.

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I use this: Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows

I see that nothing has changed.
Is there a problem…?

Can you show a screenshot of the alert you get?

this is a problem with secure dns not the av, report the site thats being block here

8 viruses detected

52 scripting exploit(s), 39 backdoor(s), 30 trojan(s)

Not a safe place to visit…

Ok, thank you.

Yes, I know about “Norton”.
But if you scan the site at you’ll notice that from 23 only 2 are reporting “suspicious” not “infected”. One is Norton SafeWeb and the other is MyWot who is not an online scanner. Some time ago there were more but they corrected their results. From the people who make Norton SafeWeb I didn’t get a reply (positive or negative). But I know that is very hard to make them correct their mistakes (personal experience).

I think I can guess what happened here (because it happened with other sites too): a few antiviruses showed some false positives, users are panicking and start reporting the site(s) as infected (for example at MyWot you can vote a site, users can vote sites/files at Norton).
So a few other programs are starting blocking it/them.
The power of “gossip”… 88)

PS: Oh, and BTW those links showed by the Norton SafeWeb at the bottom of the page are not directly linked with other * sites. This is exactly what I was talking about in my first post.
So indeed IT IS a false positive…