Any Rule for This?

Will be covered with next update.

No rule was created for the slider hack?

Not till now… :frowning:

Strange…Since Fortinet got this pretty fast and also Sucuri has this in their WAF.
Why cannot Comodo get a rule to stop this?

Hope they can get rules out asap when there is hugh hackings like this in the future! ???

Will be fixed with next update (29.01.2015)

Still there isn’t protection against this, unfortunately.

Revslider protection should be added. I have seen this on our servers for a while now…

Rule 222050 must fix this. Make sure it is enabled.

Hello, it’s enabled, and still the exploit is on the wild.

I think you should see this hacking script, that exploits all the possibilities that revslider have, there are a couple of variants, unfortunately.



It looks like for a various vulnerabilities in this plugin. We will check it.