Any risks to the "Trusted Application" feature?

If I designate a program such as Skype as a “Trusted Application”, it adds “Allow All Requests” in the Network Security Policy (application rules section) for Skype.

Is there any kind of risk of a virus/trojan “attaching” itself to Skype at some point in the future and “riding Skype in & out” of my computer as a result? Or is Comodo smart enough to detect anything like that? I’m guessing if Comodo can detect a change to Skype.exe, that’d be good enough to pop up an alert again to me?

I use “Custom Policy” mode for the firewall & “Clean PC” for Defense+.

i would not set a program for the firewall as trusted. the more safe variation would be to allow “OUTgoing udp+tcp”.
then no one can exploit skype without skype is initiating that connection first.

as skype is using p2p technic, you had to answer endless questions for new connections while trying to define an ip based rule set for it.

and yes, people can write to you, even if you just have an OUTgoing rule :slight_smile:

try to avoid “allow ingoing rules” as long as everything runs fine.