Any Risk in Trying Defense+ With Default Settings?

I have v3 installed on my new HP laptop running Vista. I installed it using the Basic Firewall and have had no problems. To optimize my protection, I am thinking of now installing Defense+ with the Default Settings. Is this likely to go just as smoothly? Is it worth the risk?

This computer is generally used with my wireless network, is only used for surfing and is never used for gaming or P2P. I have the firewall on my router set to Medium protection and I using Avira AntiVir on the laptop.

Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated.

The best thing for you to do is train with safe mode. When in the main screen go to Defense + → Defense plus settings. Make sure it is set to trian with safe mode.

Should work like a charm. Only programs that are not on the safe list will need your decission to allow or deny.

Go for it,you may have questions/pop ups for the first few days(while d+ learns).I have avira av on my system and all seems pretty good at the minute,defence+ makes your core system better protected from unwanted changes.

The default setting is okay, it’s “clean PC mode” which will show less popups than “train with safe mode”, and it’s perfectly safe if you weren’t infected before you installed CFP.

Thank you all for your replies. I have turned on Defense+ in the “Train With Safe Mode” and it seems to go quite smoothly.

Thanks again.