Any reason why CAVS still released as beta?

I think you should release a final release some times :THNK.


Some really wild guesses:

  • Because of the (few) remaining bugs.
  • Virus database still has to be improved.
  • Most efforts have been put into the firewall (but the respective development shouldn’t completely depend on each other).
  • The BOClean technology has been bought, so it’s tempting to integrate it with the AV, which takes time.

Please note, those were just guesses. Anyway, Melih has mentioned October as a possible month for releasing the next beta, so hold your breath. We’ll most likely see something really good. (and CAVS 2.0 beta is not bad ;))


I think that due to the planned changes (Vista, scan engine, etc; especially with BOC addition) they decided to jump from this beta to the next, rather than going with something closer to a Final for v2. From what I’ve read, it seems they will be going straight to v3 of CAVS (completely re-done), just as the jump from v1 to v2.

However, Melih has noted that this release probably won’t include Vista. That apparently has been a bit of a bugger.