Any reason not to just use Comodo Firewall's default settings?

I’ve only installed the firewall since I have Zemana running real time. I’m behind a router, browse 99% of the time sandboxed with Sandboxie, have WOT installed in Firefox and have a good A-V (Norton). Last but not least, I’ve rarely ever even been alerted by A-Vs, and never since observing WOT’s recommendations. After having said all of that, still open for suggestion if you don’t feel defaults are enough! Thank you!

I would certainly switch to the Stealth mode in CF even in such a good protection suite.

While you should be pretty good with those measures setup, enabling stealth mode takes about 5 seconds and if you’re on a laptop that you travel with as your main computer (like me) then it could be a life saver.

Just go to “Firewall” and then “Stealth Ports Wizard”, then click the third option “Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone”.

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Will do! Thank you both!

Should I enable “Protect the ARP Cache”? Thank you!

As you’re behind a router you don’t need it. Open a command prompt and type arp -a to view the arp entries.