Any point in using GSS App/RegDefend ? [Closed]

What do you think - are Ghost Security’s AppDefend and/or RegDefend worth
having besides CFP ?

If so what should be disabled in either Comodo ABA or in the above applications ?

Have any forum members tried these apps. alongside Comodo ?

Please note that I am very happy running CFP but would nevertheless be
interested to hear from folks who have installed the above. Are there
slowdowns, conflicts etc. …


I think there are issues reported with AppDefend, not RegDefend. When i tried the alpha (not the latest) i saw nothing much though.

Another thing to consider is what features aren’t implemented yet in AppDefend.
Lets say it’s all finished- disable ABA. IMO.

PS: we are talking about 2.4 right?

Right. So do you think it’s worth installing either ? I am beginning to think
of perhaps just waiting for Comodo FP v.3 …

Well, i don’t know about that, but i did like trying the alphas. Buggy but fun ;D
I think GSS will be a great suite, AppDefend+ RegDefend will surely compete with CFP 3. And will not be compatible i think. Unless CFP 3 final gives us the choice to use the Firewall code only.

Agree with what you say re: GSS. AFAIK CFP v.3, running alongside
any other HIPS application will be a definite no-no. ;D

I think CFP 3 will be more than enough, once the bugs get out of the way. Time will tell.

Depends on what you want, and when you want it… :wink:

If the Ghost stuff is complete, stable, and available now for free, then I’d go for it.

If it’s yet to be complete, maybe waiting is worthwhile.

If it’s complete, but costs $$, maybe waiting is worthwhile.

Or, if you just feel like waiting until v3 goes final (which we all know is free), then by all means, wait! :smiley:

It appears to me that v3 will do what those two applications do, and quite nicely. Maybe even “all that and a bag of chips”…


Thanks for your viewpoints Little Mac and Pedro !
I have decided to wait for v.3. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW. like your stetson style headgear LM. What’s with the bullet holes - are you OK ? ;D

Hmm, not a Stetson; that’s a Tilley. There’s a reason they say you can leave it in your will. When the bullets were a-flyin’ like guided missiles, the hat took the hit for me. It sacrificed itself for me, and yet was still able to stop the rain, block the sun, be used as a flotation device, and never wear out. I think it came back stronger than ever! (:LOV)



He…he…he… ;D

In South Africa even a Tilley can’t save you ! ( and that’s the truth).

ok, shall we call it quits or continue commenting on how the trilobite will eat the hat?

I already have, and it appears the topic has as well…

ocky, if you have any more questions about these applications and want the topic reopened, just PM a Moderator.

Until then, hat’s off to you all ~