Any point in sending you reports?

I Send reports on occasion when I get an OLE automation warning for some application trying to access internet or what ever it’s doing. Will there be updates available that fixes this so those application gets put in a white list or black list depending on what they are doing?
At the moment I have trouble with a program called ‘Game Cam’ which is used for recording movies when playing games. If I have that program open I will cause an OLE automation issue and then block svchost from accessing internet, which effectively kills my internet connection. The only way to solve the problem is to close Game Cam, disable the firewall, repair my internet connection and then enable Comodo Firewall again.
Is there any hope of these issues to get fixed in the future or will we be forced to not use most applications today if we want to use internet?
Why can’t you make it so when an application does an OLE automation with for instance svchost.exe, Comodo would stop the APPLICATION instead of stopping svchost.exe (cutting the wire)!


Try using FRAPS instead. But since it’s only a screen capture device, it doesn’t need web access, so it should interfere with your game.

Do bear in mind though that running a screen capture program is very taxing on system resources. Where it concerns games, the application has to capture framerate at up to 60 fps if you’ve got a flat panel monitor, or up to 160 fps with a CRT, and continually write the data to disk.

Both FRAPS and Game Cam show good performance, but I agree FRAPS is slightly better in that concern, but FRAPS is better for taking screenshots while Game Cam is better for recording. The makers of FRAPS deliberately made the video files HUGE for the unpaid version, over 100 MB of a fragmented file for a 30 seconds recording, while Game Cam compress the files to a few MB’s.

But I want to know if Comodo cares about the OLE issue. Now you have to chose about using applications or surfing the internet, and you have to chose before you boot up your computer, unless you want to risk your security by disabling your Firewall.


you might erase svchost from applist and controll manually.


I don’t understand what you mean by ‘controll manually’. As far as I’ve seen, removing something from the application list will cause CF to think it’s a new application and ask you to allow or not.


keep in mind windows start x- many instances of “service-name.exe” files.

so if you have nailed once it down, a new instance of same exe with new needs is overseen.

just keep svchost manually as you described as your matter, so it should popup if need.

then you dont need reboot or anything, as i understood your problem.

it really depends on your situation, i have svchost also manually and it dont popup 3 days, but if,
some changed…

its a bit complex, hope i could give you an impression.


PS: you can try allow any activities and hidden connections, depends how safe you want be

Oh, wait a minute! Whenever a new application uses ‘svchost.exe’ it will create a new entry of ‘svchost.exe’ in the application list, and then I can chose to block the new entries, is that what you mean?


not really once made svchost, done.


iproblem is windows serv-exes respond to icmp, wahtever i dont know.

they come up for a millisecond in activity section (near by log section), you dont see, so its no real bug, hope you understand somehow

Ok, this is what I did:

I deleted all applications in the application list in the firewall, switched off my broadband modem and shut down my computer. Then I booted up again. After I’ve logged in I turned on my modem. That caused the Firewall to ask me about ‘svchost’ and also what I think was explorer.exe. I checked to permanently allow. Then I looked at the application list but svchost was not there!
Then I started my browser and get a question from the firewall and I permanently allow it, which will put an entry of my browser in the application list.
So I don’t know what to think here. It appears that svchost will only show up in the application list if some application is trying to use it EXCEPT my internet service thingy. So I don’t see how I can possibly configure it. I was thinking I could maybe block the svchost entries for different applications, but now it seems any application trying to use svchost has to be allowed or internet disabled! I would like to know what the Comodo experts here think about this and how they configure their applications to permanently allow or block some applications without killing their internet connection.


hmmm, uncommon, might disable in advanced “block out wh boot”.

i have a perm svchost if want.