Any plans for an anti-keylogger?

I was curious if there are any plans for Comodo to come out with a anti-keylogger stand alone app or added anti-keylogger functionality to CIS?

Perhaps even going so far as to purchase an already established app such as Snoopfree and improving its functionality and making it Vista compatible.

Though I do understand CIS would prevent a keylogger from being installed right now, it still would be interesting to see anti-keylogger functionality that can actually detect when your key strokes are being logged and warn/block the action, and not just detect it via signature such as CAV or BOClean would do.

Just an idea of course. Maybe such plans are already in the works?

Keyloggers are just so dangerous these days it would be great imho to see as many ways as possible to detect/block keyloggers added to CIS or in a stand alone app perhaps.

Anyone ever try the Anti Keylogger Tester app it has some interesting ways to log your key strokes that are quite unusual and are currently hard to prevent.

Hey, I think a portable anti logger app would be great… you could do your internet banking on public computers and not have to worry.

like an on screen and clicking for the letters

Dunno, keylogging is the most used and obvious way to steal, but if a machine is not safe I don’t think it’s the only possible one… I’ll always do all my banking at home, and if I need otherwise I’ll think about getting one of them tiny tiny portables (and TrustConnect).

Here are my thoughts:

I don’t think they’ll release anything else than a “complete” malware fighting program (like CAV), as they don’t put that much time into categorizing malware. As you can see at the database page ( many signatures are unclassified. It would require a lot to make separate antispyware, antirootkit, antikeylogger etc… so they make it all together in CAV (and of course, Defense+ also stops these threats).

Defense + = anti-keylogger?

anyone correct me if I am wrong but D+ will (if the option to check for keystrokes are active) will just show an alert that this program is recording keystrokes or something like that :THNK like an office program with a spell checker or a keylogger

You are right, tahts why Kyle sayed about portable version.

Portable version because you don’t have to install it, you can take it to a public computer and feel safer when banking or don’t want your personal activities logged.

ah, thats a perfect idea :BNC

Well, i simply wanted to say that it makes no sense to have anti-keylogger installed with D+ but it is a great idea to make a portable version :SMLR

it makes no sense to have anti-keylogger installed with D+
What about just a portable D+?

Well, D+ itself is much more than a simple anti-keylogger, so i think that it will be much harder to implement a portable version of a whole D+, than a simle portable anti-keylogger, but i’m not shure, of course.