Any plans for a web filter?

I know Comodo already offer a great product free of charge, but I was just wondering if there’s any plans to add a web filter?

Thanks in advance.

Comodo DNS already does this to an extent (it blocks sites known to be dangerous). Also, you can now use PrivDog to protect yourself from malicious, and annoying, ads.

However, in terms of blocking malware before it’s downloaded to your computer, I don’t think they have any plans for this (nor do I see a reason). Currently all malware is scanned just before it runs. Thus, there is no addition to security by scanning a file when it’s downloaded if it will already be scanned just before it runs. Comodo’s approach offers the same protection, but with reduced utilization of system resources.

Makes sense, thanks again Chiron.

It just slows down web surfing etc.
I dont find them useful.