Any pics of team Comodo?

Hi Melih, can you share any pics of your great team of people who work at Comodo or what it looks like to actually work there at Comodo kinda like a little photo tour? Just curious what’s lifes like at Comodo.


Interesting thought :slight_smile:

I will discuss it with the guys see if they want to do it :slight_smile:

they are camera shy :slight_smile:


No pressue ;D

yes, a picture would be nice (:KWL)

by the way, kind of off subject, Melih, are you Turkish? Because your name sounds like it. I’m just wondering because I am ;D

I think he’s from another galaxy… ;D

Great idea! :slight_smile:

Or maybe they can set up a webcam, and start “Real World Comodo” ;D


Ahem, you’re not going to see me in any hot-tubs with drunk college girls. Or, ever, in fact (sigh).

Hmm… so you have a hot-tub in the office… ;D

Sure we do. If you want to think of sinks in the kitchen as hot tubs, yes.

On that note, we also have full-time chefs, a fully stocked video game room, masseuses and barbers available to us any time we want, and a wide variety of currently running films to watch in our movie theater. If you want to think of the attached mall as being part of our office, that is.

Yep I am Arif :slight_smile:


Sounds like a nice place to work in… ;D

do one of those “everyone gathered in the parking lot”
type photos, and have the camera-man up high on a ladder so everyone has to look up.

and have everyone wave ! :BNC (:WAV)

“watch the little birdie” (J)

You say that like it’s a bad thing???

If you’re married, like me, it is :wink:

LOL. Same here. But jealousy is the fuel that drives married mens aspirations.

Spoken like a true husband. Unfortunately I haven’t been married that long yet, but I suspect it’s gonna sneak up on me soon enough :slight_smile:

Oh it will. And you’ll also understand that not being seen doesn’t mean not dreaming about.

At least that’s what Ewen tells me. :wink:

so, no photo? :■■■■

Though all of us are fairly camera-shy and none of us are particularly photogeni, we’ll see what we can do. :slight_smile:

C’mon… be a sport :slight_smile:
It’s better that you yourselves make one, instead of us making one up… trust me :wink: