Any need for weekly Virus and Spyware scans?

As I am actively promoting the excellent Comodo products on other forums I am bound to be asked (and would like to know myself) if weekly scans of the other Anti-virus and Anti-spyware packages such as AVG Anti-Virus, AVG Anti-Spyware, A2, Avast, Spyware Blaster, Spybot, Defender, etc. are really worth doing regularly.

BOClean would seem to be the ultimate in stopping these threats so do we need all the other programs or is the ‘Belt and Braces’ approach still worth following?

Would be interested in other user’s views.



Running all those antivirusses/antispyware/etc. is killing your computer. Scanning once 2 weeks is far enough.
If you are even protected by BoClean a normal scanner would be enough but check every 2 weeks for tracking cookies as they are easely set on your computer :-.

Enough talking about idiot ideas.

As Melih keeps saying

  1. Prevention
  2. detection
  3. cure

Prevention is the main part of being secure, if you have all comodo products installed, the chance of getting those ‘creeps’ is quite low. So a scan every MONTH would be enough, ofcourse if you’re not such a security freak as me ;).

Hope I could even help you a bit

Thanks Xan,

I rather thought that doing weekly scans would be a waste of time. :slight_smile:

Will do them once now I have just installed BOClean though, in case anything got through before. Then monthly at most.

I don’t have all those installed and running by the way, just asking as those are the most common ones used.