Any information on Comodo Anti-Virus V3

Can you provide any information and or updates to the progress of Comodo Anti-Virus including an approximation of when it will be released. I’m sure there are many Comodo fans out there that would be interested in hearing from you on this topic. :THNK

Iv’e posted this topic 4 days ago and NOT one reply has address this topic… It is a concern to me because I’ve been waiting pationtlly as well as others for CAV V3 but I have not seen or heard any info on this products progress or lack of. Has this been dropped?? Is it a dead issuse? I’m currently running PCTools AV V4 and have no complaints but would love to have CAV V3 on my systems because I believe COMODO products are top of the line, not to say that PCTools is not . I was running BoClean until I ran into problems with it and then switched to PCTools ThreatFire which I’m very happy with. I at one time had CFP with Defense +, BoClean, CAV Beta, Comodo Backup and Verification Engine running on my system, and now replaced BoClean with ThreatFire, CAV with PCTools AV. I also have PCTools SptwareDoctor 5.5 installed with real-time monitoing activated and have not had one instance of viruses and or mal-ware on my machine. I have stated in the past that I do NOT belong to any other forums and joined this one because of what I stated above about COMODO. If there’s any info on CAV V3 I and I believe others would love to here about it. I feel that the people out there including my-self who have their trust and confidence in the COMODO products do have the right to know what’s going on and get periodic updates on the security products that we are all waiting for… (:AGY)

This is NOT official in any way but, the last i read i THINK i read something about spring. Now i am not 100% sure on that but i think i may have read that. If CAVS 3 is to be as great as current AV’s it needs time grasshopper ;D (CLY)

Thanks for the reply, I too have read something in the forum going back sometime in late January stating it was going to be released on Monday. It has been nearly two months and Mondays have come and gone and since then nothings been mentioned. I know it does take time, effort, perfection, and a whole lot of know-how to produce a top of the line product and I have faith that when CAV is released it will be one of if not the best AV product out there. But on the other hand an update now and then on the progress would be greatly appreciated, not just for me but all the other COMODO fans that have been waiting. :■■■■

CAVS 3 Basic Engine is already in CFP 3, So yes… I read also sometime in Spring/Summer (Which is my Winter)… So I am thinking… Hmmm… July/August? ;D


For those of us with Vista the wait has been, and still is, way too long.

Please, guys! Don’t Vista users deserve top-drawer protection, too?


Off course, Vista users deserve top notch protection! This started with CFP 3 which was the first 64bit firewall for vista.

Patience is a virtue, Dev team are working ■■■■■■■ CAVS 3! Vista Coding is alot :slight_smile: Trust me, I have seen some… lol