Any idea when the Dragon based on Chromium 18.0.1025.142 will be released?

18.0.1025.142 was released four days ago. When will Dragon be updated? Chromium Development Calendar and Release Info

No, Chrome 18.0.1025.151 was released four days ago.

And, Chrome 18.0.1025.152 was released today.
This release fixes issues with SSL (Issue: 118706). Please note this might reintroduce Issue: 117371 and we are actively working on a fix for it.

When will Dragon be updated?

I’d venture to guess sometime this week. (if not tomorrow) Dragon will almost always lag behind slightly.

  1. Adding the updates.
  2. Testing the browser for any problems that the updates might bring.
    That is about it?
    I will go along with you on that one, about a week or so.

I recall in another thread that when someone had mentioned that Chrome had been updated CD was based on Chromium…either way, Google had updated Chrome a couple of times recently having to do with flash issues and I have been having problems with Flash.

Chrome bundles in Flash and a PDF reader, whereas Chromium does not. Google probably fixed the issues in Chrome rather than the Chromium core.

Dragon is based off of Chromium though.

That’s what I thought. I hope it’s released soon though. It’s becoming so unresponsive that I am thinking of going back to Mozilla.

Your browser seems to be faulty, but it is exaggeration placing something like a second thought of leaving a browser for current problems.

“A few days of lag on this browser, so I am leaving to another.” That is too sudden, I will restrain from saying anything else, as it will be insulting/negative.

Unresponsive can be on your end, unless you explain what the problem is and if someone else can reproduce. If no one can reproduce your problem, the situation leaves to a result of re-installing the browser.

It’s not a few days lag. Ever since it was “updated” it hasn’t worked properly. It stops responding when you open any flash site. I have tried to repair it. It doesn’t work. Perhaps I should be a beta tester as I have a good deal of experience with just about every browser dating back the past seven years. I have used Google’s Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Netscape, and wide range of Mozilla/Gecko based browsers such as SeaMonkey, KMeleon, Flock, Firefox, and Pale Moon. I have had experience with both Windows XP and 7 on 32 and 64-bit O/S I am not a computer novice and I pretty much know a malfunctioning browser when I experience one.

That still does not mean that others are experiencing this problem, maybe a few but not a lot.

I am on the same boat when trying different browsers, I literately use only Pale Moon and Firefox nowadays, but each browser has its own problems.

I still think that your browser is faulty, unless I can, or anyone else can, reproduce the problem.
Try another Chromium-based browser and see if they come across the same problem to make judgement.

I still would like to know the sites…I guess anything with Flash will do.
Wait, what version, 17.5 or 18?


I tried a few flash videos on Youtube, 5 - 15, and nothing regarding a crash.
Flash-based sites…nothing regarding a crash either.

I did not install the suggested Flash when I installed Dragon, could that one be the problem?

Is there anyone else that can reproduce this particular problem? I am really clueless at this point.