Any hotkeys or other FAST way of navigating into deep firewall settings?

I’ve finally moved from Comodo firewall v5 to v6, despite my dislike of the v6 user interface. But I would still like some way of quickly navigating through all the GUI levels to reach, say:

tray icon → Open… → Tasks → Advanced Tasks → Open Advanced Settings → Configuration ( :slight_smile:

Can I somehow assign a hot key to do this? Or is there any other way to bypass all those annoying levels to reach where I’m going?

Hi Huzer,
Right click the tray icon and select ‘Advanced View’, this will give you access to more setting/configuration options from the tray icon right click menu.
It also gives you links to advanced settings from the main GUI.
The System Tray Icon-Help
Advanced View-Help

Alternative, you can add your most used tasks to the Comodos ‘Task Bar’.
Adding tasks to the Task Bar

The help file is your friend. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

Thanks, captainsticks!

That helps a bit, although I’m still struggling to either (1): use QuicKeys v3 to assign a hotkey to get there (the tray app doesn’t use standard GUI controls), or (2): create an AutoIt script to get there, and then assign a hotkey to the script (again, the tray app doesn’t use standard GUI controls). But I’ll keep plugging away before I ask for more help with that…