any help

I recently stated getting a weard error when i update the av it’s ok until it comes to finlize then it say there no internet, ive checked all cables and cennectors and all seems to be fine. im using version CIS Ver. 5.12.x and dont realy whant to upgrade to a new version. pc specs CPU P4@2.8 : ram 2GB : OS Win XP SP3. :cry:

What is reporting there is no internet? CIS or Windows? What is the message you get? Can you post a screenshot of the message?

This is the problem with CIS 5.12 in Win-XP SP3:

AV update fails when it should merge the fetched bases.$$$ with bases.cav, this leave the new bases.$$$ in the map \scanners and bases.cav is untouched.

This is not a problem with IPv 6, I have this problem with three of my three XP-machines. None of them has any form of IPv 6 anywhere and the windows registry is fixed.

As a note: on very very rare cases it works and this problem has been since, as I remember, end of july/start of august.
And as a another note: It’s the same error in CCE v2.5 too since then.

It works without problems in Win-7 with CIS 5.12.

It’s a mystery.

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EDIT: just noticed another thread posted about AV update prollems with v7 that begain about 141008 that seems to be resolved now.

That’s a generic error message pertaining to AV def update failure; it has nothing to do with the interwebs. This was a big prollem when CIS v7 rolled out Spring 2014. The failure occured after 90% and sometimes even at 50% But otherwise could not be resolved.

Try delete folder C:\Program Files\Comodo\COMODO Internet Security\Quarantine - I think AV defs download into there before integrated into BASES.CAV You could also try to update the AV defs manually by downloading and installing full AV defs file ~250MB. I think that’ll work as far as most recent AV defs, but the update still might fail; I think the Quarantine folder still needs poofed. You can only do that in Safe, or access disk from another booted system and have drive mounted as peripheral HDD.

Unfortunately, if none of that work, I know of no way to fix the prollem except clean reinstall. Do NOT avail yourself of the update from v5.xx to v7; you’ll break both v5 & v7 even after reinstall. You must uninstall, run CIS cleaner and then install.

To get to v7 from v5 you must export your configuration in v5.xx and uninstall CIS and then use the CIS cleaner tool. Then install v6 and import the v5 profile. Then export the profile again from v6. In general v6 to v7 update works good, but if it fails, you must uninstall CIS, use the CIS cleanup tool, and then install v7 clean. Then import the v6 profile and all should be good to go on v7.

If you choose to remain on v5.xx, the AV update prollem can only be resolved by reinstall it clean. But don’t do that before exporting the configuration profile of v5.xx - otherwise you roll back CIS to square one however many years ago you first install. Import clean install configuration will set up CIS to remember all Firewall / D+ rules. The only thing that gets remade are Trusted Files list.

Export / Import CIS configuration is done in ‘MORE’, Manage My Configuration

Hope that helps. Been there, done that. Works good last long time.

That’s right that \Quarantine is involved in the defs download.
If \Quarantine are deleted in safe mode it is recreated again on reboot and will not change the problem.
A complete and total clean reinstall of CIS 5.xx don’t fix the problem either. Nothing solve it.

My theory is that that Comodo has change how they compile the defs in one or another way as it was such problems with CIS-7 in the past and I think the defs don’t like XP so very well anymore.
If we look at corresponding bases.cav in W-7 with CIS-7 they are named, for example b0019777.cav, and if we rename this to bases.cav and insert it in CIS 5.xx they won’t work and vice versa. It’s not the same type of defs. That’s why my theory came up.

But as I wrote, in very very rare cases CIS 5.xx will update the defs. Maybe luck, maybe something else, who knows.
Last time that happen was september 29 and that def is 19659 (I do download full AV defs nowdays and do what must be done).

For me, I won’t install CIS-7 in my XP-machines co’s CIS-7’s GUI is terrible irritating slow in XP.

Computers live their own life as I learned already for 40 years ago and it’s still going on…

Dunno, I just update my AV defs on 141010 - it went like butter. I understand the issue with v7 on XP also. But v7 does have some nice features that v5.xx doesn’t. I have it installed on dual-boot XP SP3 but run v5.12 due to constraints of Win2003 R2 primary desk-top O/S. This was a major prollem back in Apr when v7 was first rolled out; v5 AV defs update broke; been running fine since Jul.

Does diagnostics find anything wrong? If it does and it says its fixed, you have to reboot to reinitialize CIS.

What I’ve found is that the full AV def install will work and CIS will initialize at boot, but the date of last update never changes. Something internal to the AV def system state is awry. Try installing full AV defs into …/repair - ensure name change to bases.cav. Poof bases.cav in …/scanners and reboot. At boot it copies …/repair/bases.cav into …/scanners/bases.cav and makes it active.

I’ve found that even reinstalling CIS won’t resolve the update prollem, i.e., the default AV defs at installation - last updated time: never - does a full update just fine; the incremental updates 1 to 3 days later fail.

In such case a clean install of v5 - with CIS cleaner util - is necessary; some arcane reg entry is at fault Certainly export your configuration before attempting to do so, lest you go back to square one out of the box experience.

Thanks, but as I wrote: Nothing solve it, absolutely nothing works whatever I do. And I have try anything and much more than that (I’m a former computer technican, no newbie).

I’ll stay with my theory so far and see what happens. Maybe some day…

And by the way, If one use automatic updates one can’t see that defs don’t update as they should do if one don’t check date or About. And thats make me wonder how many has outdated defs, the common user don’t check this I think.

Dunno what to tell yer; I just updated v5.12 w/ out a hiccup.

One caveat, the A/V defs didn’t indicate that defs were out of date as of 1 hour ago. I restarted into my WnXP SP3 system to check something in CIS v7. After restarting into Win2003 R2 v5.12 and CIS initialized, it intimated A/V defs were out of date. They updated without an issue.

You have some luck, I’ve no luck :-[

I’d suggest that you run a memory diagnostic, e.g., 7-zip’s benchmark, or WinRAR image test; open a large RAR / ZIP file and check the integrity. Furthermore, running Prime95 should ascertain the integrity of the entire memory subsystem.

MemTest85 is the detailed mem debugger of choice.

If there’s anything wrong with your physical RAM, CIS A/V defs update will fail. The aforementioned tests should fail right away. If they don’t fail right away, then CIS A/V defs should fail sometimes and not always.

Have you don’t anything with memory laterly? O/C, or tweaking timings, added x-tra sticks? Etc.?

Read my reply #6 :wink:
There’s nothing wrong in hard- or software.

And this error is, as I’ve written, on three of my three XP machines and one of them is a remote controlled machine far away from me and has another ISP than the other two. Noone of them is of the same configuration or type. The only thing they have common is just XP and CIS 5.12 (the remote controlled machine has CIS 5.10 instead of 5.12), not even hardware ar the same.

As I’ve seen in this forum, there are more users than me that have this problem with XP and CIS 5.xx. I try to explain in deeper detail whats happen when this mystery happens, thats what I do.

I can’t tell whether CIS Diagnostics returns clean bill of health on your installation, or not. Have you done a clean reinstall and performed the initial default A/V defs - last updated: never - update?

Because that update does a full A/V defs download of the 250MB defs file and activates it. If that works, but subsequent - incremental - updates don’t complete, or successfully activate, that could be a clue.