Any fix yet on the "general failure" issue ?

I searched the forum and noticed back in 2012 other users also have the “general failure” issue with pings. After a while I managed to whittle it down to Comodo myself and then came here to search. Oddly the same version, 5.12, works perfectly on my other PC which is connected to the same router. The only difference is my other PC is Windows 7 Home while mine here is Windows 7 Pro (I think). Both are 64bit.

So, the issue being when I ping the first result will come with “general failure”, with 25% packet loss. If I disable Comodo firewall then it works fine. I am using 5.12 and it is the Free Firewall I am using.

Some people suggested going back to 5.10 while others hoped for a fix in the next version. As 7 or 8 months have passed since those posts, I just wondered if it has been fixed at all ?


I am running Product Version 5.12.256… of Comodo Firewall Free on Win 7 x64 Ultimate and had the same problem (the first of four packets being lost to general failure). Seeing as a general failure had to do with a TCP/IP configuration issue (doesn’t tell me much at all), I decided to try to do the quickest general fix for network IP configuration issues I know…

open up an administrative command prompt and do a release and renew on the ip configuration, ie hit the following keys (this is for not-so computer literate folk like me).

Left click the start orb
type cmd
hit enter while holding cntrl and shift (AT THE SAME TIME)

In the black Administrative Command Window that opens do what follows below:

type ipconfig /release
Hit the ‘Enter’ key
type ipconfig /renew
Hit the ‘Enter’ key again

Check the ping again by typing what follows below:

Hit the ‘Enter’ key again

In my case this corrected the issue and my computer was able to send and receive all four packets.

I hope this helps someone with their problem. :wink:

Sorry for the slight necro, but I just noticed the same issue. Running Comodo Firewall v5.12, I get “general failure” as the first ICMP packet is lost during a ping command. Subsequent packets are sent fine. Very weird.


Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
General failure.
Reply from bytes=32 time=48ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=46ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=46ms TTL=48

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 3, Lost = 1 (25% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 46ms, Maximum = 48ms, Average = 46ms

What’s even weirder though, if I set the Firewall policy to Disabled, I get general failure on ALL pings. This is pretty effed up. Any advise?

Please note CIS version 7 is the current release with CIS 8 beta which is due to be released within the next few months.

Please note the numerous complaints and issues it brought about, and the plain old rejection that many CIS users expressed when v7 was introduced. Never again will I let that piece of buggy code hose up my system again.

I am sorry you had such big problems, I am afraid as far as 5.12 there will be no product updates.

For myself two Windows 7 one x32 one x64 and a Windows Vista x 32 all upgrade from 5.12 to 6 to 7 without problems, that said each computer is different what works fine on one does not always work on others.