Any experience out there with A-Squared

I would like some feed back on your experience with a-squared. I downloaded and installed it last week getting that FREE one year lic. The first time I ran the scan it picked up some low level threats, mostly cookies. Since then every scan has been clean… Your thoughts :THNK

I have tried A Squared through out the years. And every time I do I get false positives. I even tried the latest version and within 5 minutes of scanning I had 8 false positives. It keeps telling me that Gamespy is bad when that is so not true. Some 3rd party screen savers I have also it flagged as bad. I ignored its findings and dumped it once again. SAS and MBAM are far superior.

I stopped using it cause it detected threats that aren’t even real. I mean I searched for the files myself and they weren’t even there in my files. It makes you doubt it’s credibility. Maybe it wil always detect something so you buy the paid version. Well this was my case. On the systems I installed it kept detecting a starlight player or something. A software that was never installed.

A-squered is a quite decent antimalware, but it has some FP. Overall it’s one of the best I think.


FP and resorce hog.
I’ve got a free year, and i don’t install anymore,hahaha.

I can’t believe A-Squared detected files on your system that did not exist. Could it be that you had the quarantine configuration set to “Delete found objects” so when a-squared found these so called threats it automaticlly deleted them? I do believe like any other very good security software product that it will come up with some fasle positives. They’r not all perfect. Oh and by the way I do have the paid version. :■■■■

I have never had a false positive with either SAS or MBAM. Never a false positive with Spybot either. But several with A-Squared.

Never used those products. How’s there detection rate?

SuperAntiSpyware (SAS) and Malware Bytes Anti Malware (MBAM) is where its at right now. Detection rates are top notch. Both are free but if you want real time protection you need to pay. With a good av you do not need real time spyware protection.

Thanks Vettetech for the info, When I have some extra time I’ll check them out. :■■■■ :■■■■

My sister has a computer (wish she didnt) and she always somehow manages to get it infected (even with an AV) and when she brings it to me to clean it I always and I mean EVERY TIME use Nod32 online scanner, SuperAntiSpyware and A-squared free and it always seems to get the computer virus free again. the reason I use A-squared is it detected some trojans SAS and nods32 online scanner didn’t catch. So I guess you can say I am an A-squared user/lover? ;D I don’t use A-squared on my computer as I do not have a need for it though.

Install ComodoDiskShield on her PC and you’re free from work :smiley:

But I dont’ like A-Squared. Always got FP’s with it and I don’t know… it just doesn’t feel reliable :frowning: My 2 cents.

I tried A-2 once, and had a false positive. It lead me on a wild goose chase. I then cooked A-2’s goose (uninstalled it). I won’t use them again. It left a bad taste in my mouth, and my computer didn’t like it either.


I tried a-Square w Vista Prem. asked for delete/unistall program; download an stil have it in my services and registry. I cannot remove all traces to date. Help with suggestions.

Thank you in advance.

There are several registry cleaners out there. You can always reinstall it and then uninstall it using Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode which is a program I use all the time.

I will try Revo, I tied CC cleaner and registry delete and nothing would let me delete from Services and registry. TIA

Maybe you should try Glary Utilities or better yet Zsoft uninstaller, my personal favorite for clean uninstalls & then run CCleaner or Glary Utilities to cleanup your leftover registry entries if any remained afterwards…

Xman :-TU

I have been using the paid version. No problems. If setup properly, it works !

Of course it works Ken. Like all software it works but A - Squared is known to have the most false positives around and 5 years later they still think Gamespy is malware.

I give up. Revo did not help. I reinstalled to remove and it disappeared somewhere so I cannot uninstall. ALSO I a dealing with A2squared not ASquare. Help.