Any equivalent to ZA's Game Mode?

ZA pro has a mode which will surpress all alerts for use while playing games. When you engage Game Mode you can select the behavior for would-be popups, either setting it to approve all popups or deny all popups, then when you’re done playing the game you can turn game mode off.

Is there any similar function on Comodo or should I say this topic is a request?

Note: I understand that if the request for popups to be able to be drawn on top of the games were filled, then this would be obsolete.


Currently CPF does not have any such feature. However, this has been mentioned on the wishlist and a few people have said it would be a great help for games, so it may be added in a future release.


As a temporary solution here’s an idea

Create a queue sort of for alerts. If an alert is not answered in a certain ammount of time (user definable), the request is denied and the popup taken down and placed in a queue. Later when you’re not fullscreen, you can go and process that queue.

Actually, this exists in current CPF. But we are using this while debugging CPF. So it is not documented and supported right now. Like the cheats in the games. But we will provide this as a feature and solution to the gaming problems once we make it ready for the production releases. I would post how to do so but since it is not tested yet, it may cause serious problems. But gaming mode is our list and a priority.


What do ya know, I requested a feature that’s hidden :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that Game Mode really necessary?

I think it’s better to ALT+TAB once and allow the game, rather than use a mode that may put my PC’s security in jeopardy.

That’s really cool Egemen, good to hear. Is it to early to ask what sort of timeframe we may be looking at for a production release?


That would be ideal, but 99% of forced fullscreen games block alt+tab :wink:

I’m gaming since I was a little child and I only encountered a very small ammount of games that block alt+tab.

Also, if you shut off the game, the firewall pop-up is still there so you can allow the game once.

Well, the more options, the better. I for once know for sure that I won’t be using such an options. :wink:

Killing the pop-up while leting thru just about everything while playing a game, is not a realy smart way to get entertain with. There’s alot of game mod/addon that can execute almost any kind of external application to steal someone’s ID or pass and worse; planting a trojan.
I prefer to have the “less” intrusive pop-up just like Yahoo! Messenger have, rather than this “feature”. …there’s enough “feature” on Windows’s internal already. We don’t need another one.

Well if you read my post entirely, I said it should kill the popup and BLOCK it.

If you just want to kill the pop-up, the beta has it.

Well for one, where’ that option as a temporary measure, but still there has to be a way to later go back and see what asked for permision.

By the time we speak, it’s merely depend on that criple log feature.
…and I agree with you, that we need to learn WTH is asking for out/ingoing permision. …sadly enough, with the curent pop-up system, I see no future with it.
IMHO, the cure to this situation is having a poping window with an explanation to what’s the curent condition, and did not break the fun part (full-screen gaming).

…how do we do that?
Simply by changing the way the pop-up displayed.
Instead of “HARD POPING” the user, it can make a notice baloon, and a minimized-self-titled window.
Any Yahoo! Messenger’s user, would agree; that THIS is the future pop-up.

Anyone interesting to see how this YM pop-up, can have a chat with me thru YM.
Just add “braxis3” (that’s my YM id), and you’ll see the diference.

That still wouldn’t solve the forced full screen gaming problem. The popup ISN’T drawn on top so you can’t interact with it, and the program freezes while waiting for a response, and you also can’t alt+tab out of the program to get to the popup to click it.

There are two solutions to the problem
-Make the popups dissappear and auto deny after some time while adding the request to a queue which the user can process later
-Make the popup be able to appear on top of the full screen app.