Any drivers not prevented from manual loading when registered

HIPS fails to prevent(report) loading of any driver/SCM/ even if it’s not signed(or trusted) and calling app also not signed but if driver already exist in HKLM.…\Services\ and called via SCM (not using Create functions only Open and Start) can’t be prevented.
CIS can only handle Create/Delete service not Open/Start etc. so if driver already registered then it cannot be prevented from loading further.

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Developers now do have enough of information if they read this thread.

Also let they fix usermode clipboard message handling for sub-viewers of clipboard they skip it to do.

Sorry I just cannot understand what you mean. So I’ll forward this to help to see if anyone else will understand. Please ensure that if you post in this board again you follow the standard format outlined here .

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I don’t need help, i need bug fixed,
Why moderators move topics they have no idea about to some places not related to topics? If you not quite understand - leave it to profi or as stated to developers, don’t touch or ■■■■■ it up.
It’s supposed to be a bug report for quite decent educated programmers not for users and users with moderator privileges.

hint to dev - any drivers get loaded over services’s apis in advapi and OSs affected by unsigned drivers are still at much stations. Do check this serious issue.

And yes - move it back to bug section.

Bug reporting requires to be, painstakingly, accurate and concise while still containing a big bundle of information to help the devs to reproduce the problem so they can fix it.

If that is too much effort then it will not be accepted in the bugs board. Plain and simple.

First read my signature, if you’re a dev then you’ll understand me if you’re not - then don’t ask what you don’t understand.
I’m not going to do/make some GUI screenshots to bugs deep in architecture or code. We’re talking different level since you’re only a user and a dev or experienced in internals and code developement, so if you not quite understand what’s this about then leave it to more proficient persons - devs.
Your bug-report rules are ridiculous if bugs are reported not GUI related and a bit lover that the level of understanding or mere volunteer moderators here.

Or make a thread where direct developers would check their results according to reports to devs not to some unrelated to development but with some rules to move threads and just delete them if they don;t quite understand the essence of deep covered bug/feature of stuff.

If you would have put the efforts you are putting in protesting and sneering in actually writing a bug report it would have been ready by now.

The current and most recent state of our bug reporting process has been developed in close contact with the developers.

Try to use this form:

Maybe then they will clap their eyes on this.

About “guidelines”: if problem reported by OP is real then it is quite ridiculous to ignore it because report does not follow some guidelines.

That’s how it works. Better get used to it.