Any distro that can be livecd

well, my windows just broke down and i have no cds in the area, so this is the only way. i need to know what distro that can do that and how to do it …



SimplyMepis <—I sometimes use

And I think the Ubuntu CD can be a live cd and an installer. (I was able to boot and run Ubuntu on the CD, and also install if I wanted)

Yeahm but can it be runned of a stick ?


Hmmm…now I’m not sure about that…the only “stick” I have is 4GB, and I think my PC can only boot on a 2GB so I don’t know. :-\

Try this:

Interesting, thanks :slight_smile:

I really hate qwertz keyboards btw




backtrack 3

There are a number of small slax derivants that are more usb-oriented, and there’s also a “mini” version of PCLOS.


Here you can find a list of Linux distros you can run from a LiveCD: