Any Date for a new Version yet?

Great news!

that makes 2 interesting releases next week… Avira 8 will be released on Monday… any connection between the 2 releases? (:NRD)


I beta tested Avira 8 and I can tell you its their best one yet - faster, smaller footprint, better scans.

(:LOV) (:CLP) :BNC

4.26 Release today?

We are on it and should have CBO4.26 out by 18:00 GMT.


BOClean 4.25 uses 16MB for me on 2 machines now on one machine BOClean + Antivirus lags the machine (to much memory being used) anyone know if 4.26 uses less memory? not a big deal or anything just curious :slight_smile:

Great news… It’ll be available by the time I get home from work and settled and had me T. 1900 GMT.


Great! That’s 2pm Eastern time! :BNC

T is in the oven… Shows 4.26 on site but Download 404 Not found at moment… Will check back later tonight.


Changelog copied from website:

Changes in Version 4.26

Changes to code for Vista SP1 and XP SP3 compatibility

Fixes and enhancements to Excluder:
Fixed incorrect saving/disappearing of icons for excluded programs
Fixed “always on top” problem which sometimes obscured display screen
Quicker access to excluder upon warning of changed or missing excluded item
Better explanation of why excluded item may have changed and instructions
Now remembers display mode and any sorting of display in excluder
Restart of BOClean no longer required after changes in excluder

Fixes and enhancements in manual and automatic updater:
Fixed memory leak which caused BOClean hang after a few weeks continuous use
WEB downloading instead of FTP to resolve firewall connectivity problems
Removed “rollback” button with automatic re-download if download is corrupted
Added new tray bar icon status indications (downloading/success/problem)
Added detailed messages to manual updater notifying of problems and solutions
Downloads automatically checked upon downloading rather than at load time

Fixes and enhancements to BOClean itself:
Faster access to excluder and manual update checking
Clearer, more specific alert messages and recommended actions
Detected items must be either deleted or excluded or BOClean will re-detect
Status icons for updater now visible on traybar when automatic updates occur
Spread scanning to reduce CPU spiking with NAV/KAV/NOD32 antiviruses

Fixes and enhancements to BOClean installer:
Clarified first screen to indicate need for “clean install” and instructions
Automatically sets requirements for administrator mode and installs or complains
Permissions for databases, reports and configuration automatically established
Uninstall now configured to require administrator permission to remove all

EDIT: It’s online now

Thanks to Kevin and his team (:CLP)

Greetz, Red.

Just a quickie [ as the actress said to the bishop] will this be an uninstall and reinstall or an update over the previous version ?


An uninstall and reinstall.

Ditto! Un and re-installed, looking good! Thanks Kevin and Company! (:CLP)

Yes when you run the installer it tells you to uninstall previous versions first, very clear instructions thanks.

Working fine on both my XP and Vista.

before installing I’d check the Boclean folder in your Programs as it appears it’s still leaving the BOCore.exe file behind after the uninstall, which will need deleting.
Other than that 4.26 running fine on 2 boxes here.

Hey strange quark :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice you also posted here, so I answered you on Wilders. But did you shut down BOClean before uninstalling ?

Greetz, Red.

Hi Red,

same answer as at wilders,
yes as I always have, did you check to see if you had BOCore.exe in the Bolclean folder.

Lol ;D Look for the answer at Wilders :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.

  1. yikes I’m getting giddy ;D