Any Date for a new Version yet?

good news Kevin, looking forward to the new version.

there might have been something in avoiding “April fools day”, I notice that the next tuesday, the 8th, is Saint Walter of Pontoise day, old Saint Wally’s patronage includes “prisoners; prisoners of war; vintners; and is invoked against job-related stress”, … I thought you might like the last one ;D

Heh. Yeah, there’s been a bit of overload for a while, but in the end, it will achieve some amazing results. And yeah, we WERE going to release on 1 APR, but “irony factor” wasn’t the cause of the happenstance and then having it “kicked off” … there have been numerous “one of a kind” weirdnesses over the years that I’ve done my best to resolve even if they were caused by other circumstances. COMODO wants to continue my tradition of “■■■■-retentive” (and yes, the word DOES have a hyphen, heh) as to CAM (BOClean) …

I’ll settle on the “vintners” holiday as that would please Nancy … we DO grow grapes here where I live, alas Bambi eats them all LONG before it’s “walkies” season. :frowning:

4.26 though will APPEAR to be no different than earlier versions, and will be as familiar as usual “user-experience” style. But under the hood, LOTS of changes - most notably the abolitiion of “corrupted download” and weirdities such as my main man Baskar banished yesterday. Sadly, BOClean has become SO popular that the old server regime just could NOT keep up with so many people anymore, and FTP on loads of servers lacks for “I want it NOW.” We HAD to adapt and thus 4.26 is the elimination of many minor weirdities, but most importantly, a RELIABLE update mechanism based on HTTP instead of FTP which will cause almost ALL of those firewall oddities which caused so much trouble to suddenly go away. Huzzah! Heh. I coded it, and I’m sticking to my story. (grin)

Thanks for your work Kevin :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the next realease, I look forward to it :slight_smile:

I am a long time BOClean user (I used to sell it as well) but I have had to remove BOClean 4.25 from my main system due to it’s grabbing too much control and resources for extended periods. I am hoping this new version will be more reasonable.

CybrGuy, noticed that quite a few Security Programs like BoClean seem to get Kick Started when other anti malware programs start.

I preferred the way Spyware Doctor Starter Edition, found only in Google Pack worked. It did a lot more than the trial version. But I just started noticing, that when one of the other anti malware programs ran, Avira, AVG/Ewido, Windows Defender, etc., that Spyware Doctor was always running and using enough ram to cause in a few instances my PC to come to a crawl until the other anti malware program was done.

I am noticing the same occurrences with BoClean but not as to as great an extent. What I did that seems to help was to add all the anti malware programs I use to its excluder program and that seems to help.

If you can study CPU usage you might find 2 or 3 programs might be causing extra BoClean scans.
I had a similar instance with Joost, it would not load after I installed CMF. Added tvprunner to the exceptions list and it now installs like it used to.


Thanks, UncleDoug. Since 4.26 is imminent, I figure I’ll see if Kevin has solved the problem. Your description and Kevin’s are similar and I am hoping that Kevin has this nailed. If he doesn’t, I’ll look at excluding my security apps rather than going without the protection.

I’m chomping at the bits. :BNC :THNK

Yeah Kevin, hurry please :THNK

Greetz, Red.

Will BOClean 4.26 show up at Windows Vista Security Center as an anti-malware program?

I haven’t used any previous versions so forgive me!

Good Question PiCo. I’m not on my vista machine at the moment but never looked when I had previous versions of CBoclean running on it. I’ll have to check it out…

Anxiously waiting for the next release.


Well … it’s nearly 8:40pm where I am, so I guess it’s going to be tomorrow before I can get my hands on 4.26 … can’t wait!!

Just a question, I had to uninstall the previous BOClean on my new computer (Vista 64 bit) for the reasons well documented in another thread.

Does this new version fix those problems?. Is it safe to install now? Will it update under vista 64 bit?

Thanks for any responses.

There are a number of fixes that will have been implemented. (See beginning of this thread).


Well, Tuesday has now slipped by without a new version of BoClean… Problems? Or will we see it today?

I guess we can assume that Kevin has found something about the 4.26 version causing a delay in it’s release. Based on his comments he wants to try and ensure us users get the best. He has standards. (:CLP)

Kevin take your time. We can wait.

Yep, Kevin has high standards and he made that very clear to me last week : BOClean 4.26 should be the last of its generation before we move to 5.00 :slight_smile:

If I hear something from him I will let you guys know :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Better to wait and have it right , than to rush it and have problems! Whats another day or so… :-TU

Hi Guys,
We plan to release BOC4.26 on Tuesday, 15th April, 2008.


Thanks umesh :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.