Any Concerns with Winsock? [Resolved]

Just want to say I like CBOClean and of course CPF, but do I need to have any concerns about potential Winsock problems using CBOClean?

Uncheck it if you feel you may have problems.;msg72584#msg72584:

[quote author=Kevin McAleavey link=topic=9944.msg72584#msg72584 date=1182394616]
The “winsock” problem was the result of code which existed in 4.22 which got pushed over the edge in 4.23 as the result of additional code for the licensing component. That’s fixed.

Thanks to both of you for your replies. I didn’t mean to be paranoid, it’s just I had heard about this problem and wasn’t sure of all the details. Take care.

No problems. At first I wasn’t sure either because Kevin’s posts tend to be tucked in there with others.

If you do experience problems with it go ahead and PM any mod to open this thread.