Anvir Task Manager getting sandboxed

I have EXACTLY same problem. CIS is constantly sandboxing Anvir Task Manager Free after restart, despite it’s in whitelist. And since Trillian, Skype and Steam are launching from Anvir, they’re sandboxed as well. It’s annoying!

Are you talking about Raph4’s post?
There is nothing sandboxed on his system, check the image both counters are 0.
This is caused by CIS memory protection.

Is your Anvir on Unrecognized files?
Is your Anvir on Trusted files?
Is your Anvir on Computer Security Policy and if so at what setting?

If it’s on Unrecognized please removed it.
If it’s not on Trusted please add it and reboot to see if that resolves.
If not put it on Computer Security Policy as ‘Trusted’ and reboot to see if that resolves.
If that doesn’t resolve please change it to ‘Installer or Updater’ to see if that works.

No, until restart.

Yes, until restart.

Defined by user. I changed it to Trusted Application. I see if it helped after next restart.

Not following the thread, still on work.
Did you try setting it as Installer/Updater instead of trusted app?

Are you running Anvir Task Manager from an external device?

Does any of the workarounds in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5] bring a solution here?

And enabled too in sandbox settings :
automatically detect installers/updater and run them outside the sandbox
automatically trust files from trusted installers

So I tried Trusted Application, but that didn’t help. Installer or Updater on the other hand did. But this wasn’t needed before 5.4, furthermore this app was submitted MONTHS AGO and it still wasn’t approved!