Anvir Task Manager detected as malware...


I’m using CAV v4 with D+ (64bit) on my W7 Ultimate system.

The AV keeps detecting Anvir Task manager as malware at every startup, even though i’ve added it to both My Safe Files & the AV Exclusion list.

From what medium do you start Anvir Task Manager? Do you start it from an encrypted hard drive or from a USB stick?

Anvir is installed on my current hard drive. The AV alert keeps popping up at every alert. There are 3 entries of Anvir (all from same location), in the AV exclusion list. But the alert still keeps popping up. Any ideas? I even tried selecting, Report as False Positive, but it still shows up.

You can report the file as a false positive here:

It should be fixed soon after and therefore even if the file appears somewhere else it won’t be detected.

Thanks & Cheers. :slight_smile: