anto rootkit

i installed free comodo internet security.

is it having anti rootkit security? ???

No rootkits should be able to be installed if the program is sandboxed or blocked through Defense+. However, the antivirus is currently not the best at removing active rootkit infections.

Which problem were you concerned about?

i heard that anti rootkit stops autorun files in computer so it is essential.

i thinking to doenload panda antiroot kit.

do i download or not? does free internet security works good without anti rootkit?

u said that comodo have sandbox so it does not need anti rootkit. i checked avast antivirus. that av having anti rootkit and sandbox. both. why avast having both if 1 is ok?

With CIS all unknown files are automatically run in their sandbox. What this means is that the files will be given very limited rights. In fact it may prevent some files from running correctly. What this will do is prevent any files that aren’t known to be safe, this includes all unknown malware including rootkits, from doing any harm to your computer.

These files are not given sufficient privileges for a rootkit to imbed itself in the system.

Panda antirootkit is for detecting and removing rootkits. This is something different. If you think your system is infected you may want to download panda or Sophos antirootkit.

Avast’s sandbox is different than that of Comodo. Unknown files are not run automatically in it. Thus you can get infected unless you manually run the file in the sandbox with Avast. I’m not actually sure what the anti-rootkit shield for Avast does. If someone could address that I’d appreciate it.

I hope that answered your questions.

ok i understand.

thank u