If you like others just post them ???

I have to go with ESET.

Going with Avast. very strong suite.

It only takes a few clicks keep up the votes guys ;D

NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro with Kingsoft.

If to exclude CIS then
2 good additions to the list:
1)Privatefirewall + Kingsoft AV 2012
2)DefenseWall PF + any AV you want

defensewall /private firewall arent avs

Hi Ivan12345,

You definitely forgot Emsisoft Anti-Malware (EAM) - the best (#1) detection rate for many years compare to all mentioned by you

Another note, since you are creating one poll after another,

Please read this forum and find how people feel about those polls & votes

In short - they are just useless & meaningless. Period! It’s waste of time - as simple as that

I was very surprised that some users even take a few seconds of their life in order to respond …
… which I did as well :smiley: … but for different reason


Well pretty much all forums are a “waste of time”…and if you don’t want to vote then you don’t have to post at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree 100%

I had a change of heart. It’s Comodo AV. :slight_smile:

Lol I don’t like Comodo Av had problems with alot of Fps… :-\

1st, I never said that “all forums” are waste of time and if you think so - you are wrong.

Secondly, I responded to your initial post by adding very strong (if not the best currently) AV

If you are not modifying the list according to users’ choices, why would you ask them to add something? And what can I vote for?


Not these days no. It’s very good. Try it again :slight_smile:

I agree

I think about it :love:

Totally. It is a lot better with Fps.

I am majoring updating the polls ;D

Ok the new poll is up guys Vote Vote Vote! (CNY)

Do you have a Favorite Av well check out these sites they may help you alot :-TU …think your Av not working properly check this out :THNK