hi i have been looking on forums to help but computer language is leaving me at a bit of a loss. my problem is i have av version 5.3… I am trying to run a virus scan as i had an ominus looking pop up. but when i try to run it gives me message update failed. antivirus not initialized. i have tried changing mode and disabling and renabling but it just wont let me scan. can you help please? i have also noticed an icon of a flag with a red cross through which shows anti virus has reported it is not turned on. turm on? i turned on and nothing has happened and the flag is still there as if no action has been taken. i am not a technophobe nor a computer whizz but i need help in plain english please

Hey and warm welcome!

I suggest you use the uninstaller that is here and reinstall CIS.

Make also sure that your previous AV has left any remains. See if you find it here otherwise write name of the vender (such as avast, avira, AVG and so on) + removal tool.

Hope this helps

Valentin N

These happens when ur installation corrupts…

Try reinstalling or run comodo diagnostic tool…