Hi, I keep getting wondows security alerts saying that no antivirus is installed, I then did a security scan with Norton and got the same result…no antivirus software detected. Any ideas on why this is happening and should I worry???


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Hello boblemacon

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If you are running Comodo Anti Virus it is a Beta version. Beta versions will not show up in Windows Security Center and probably not in Nortons security scan detection either. If you have CAVS running in your tray area and it is all turned on then you are protected. You can also check in Windows Task Manager if you have CMain.exe running.


cheers John :BNC

I got the exact same message while doing the test with AVG Free Edition. (not Beta)

Guys, you should disable Security Center, it just eats resources. I think you know better yourself if your security softwares are running or not.
Open start menu, click Run and write services.msc, find Security Center, right-click and choose Properties, then set it to Disabled.
Now just sit back and enjoy that Microsoft got one thing less to annoy you with :■■■■