AntiVirus won't remember UltraVNC SingleClick as safe

I use UltraVNC SingleClick so that my clients can grant me remote access to their desktop to troubleshoot things.

For one client, I have installed a clean OS and put Comodo on. I am trying to make Comodo remember that my SingleClick module is safe. I don’t mind that it warns me about it once, but when I tell it to “remember my answer” for each of the 6 popups that appear when I try to run it, and it does not remember the answer, then I get a little ticked off… :slight_smile:

I have tried various combinations of of “Allow this request”, treat the application as a “trusted application”, and told it to ignore, or add to exclusions, or add to my own safe files, (as well as manually adding to my safe files list) for each of the 3 modules Comodo gives an antivirus alert about. Yet the next time I run it, the popups re-appear.

Is there any way to help Comodo listen to me better?



Never mind. The SingleClick module extracts its components into a temp folder and runs from there, which is why Comodo kept re-identifying it.

I grabbed the pieces from temp, copied them to a permanent directory and am running it from the pieces there instead of the original module. Comodo now remembers me when I tell it to trust it.