Antivirus Virus Database Update Freezes at 30%

Created a FAQ that will contain the latest AV database link

I think I found another problem. My system though freshly installed already was infected with 3 kinds of virus. A combination of Comodo, BitDefender, Symantec and a lot of nerves made it possible to get rid of all of them. So it seems at least …
Now I only have to handle my JAVA related crashing of Firefox and I’m happy. You don’t know how to approach problems with xul.dll and the js3250.dll by any chance? All I can say is: There doesn’t seem to be the known trojan problem with js3250.dll … it seems to be something totally different.

Well … it’s the wrong board for that. Thanks anyway for all your help so far.l

Nope best thing to do here would be to try a fresh install of 3.5.x and without having old profiles active on the system, complete clean install of FF

YES!! Yay, you’re my hero, thank you!


Thanks, glad i could help…