Antivirus Virus Database Update Freezes at 30%

Any suggestions?

Hey Jonkin. It’s not stuck, The database at the moment is just pretty big (Comodo says their working on reducing the size)

Sorry :-\

Yes, please read the FAQ here

Since 1 oct 50% of my av updates by wireless broadband fail with msg to check internet connections & retry later, but they keep failing. If I reconn with phone line modem it works ok. Every other application has no prob with the wireless connection. So how come the 50% are successful updates when no settings are altered?

Last night on going to bed my AV database was the latest 2664 I think it was. This morning after a reboot it has reverted to 2352 and twice now I get the stuck at 30% showing although I can see from my cable modem that it is still downloading. However once the cable modem stops flashing I get the “Need to reboot for updates to take effect” pop up, problem is that on reboot I have still got 2352. I have repeated this three times now and what I don’t understand is, where do the downloads go as I can see them downloading they just don’t install?.

Hmmm, odd. When I write this the database here is 2658. Sounds like they may have withdrawn an AV update earlier … Updating here works without a glitch here.

YOu can try downloading the bases.cav (2456) from Workaround for the 99% CPU Problem with the latest Virus DB Updates and then try updating again.

Latest full download is available here:

Most probably it has issue’s with retransmits, after a number of “errors” the download will fail with this message. Can you try to ping the download server and see how “stable” your connection is ?

Open a command-box (Start, Run, cmd and the press Enter).
Now in this box type:

ping -n 1000

After it’s finished please post the summary results, of course you can test this for both connections and compare the results…

ping results flash off the screen, but saw the odd massive time variations pass by.
I have pulled the broadband USB dongle from desktop and plugged it to a raised extension cord.
Have had 1 perfect update so far and sure you have solved my problem - Thanks.

I think that’s because you entered the ping command in the run box…
You can Press Start, Run then type “cmd” without the “” and press the ENTER button, there should show up black screen with c:\windows\system32> or something similar in it, if you type the ping command there it will stay at the end of the 1000 ping requests and show you the summary.

I have pulled the broadband USB dongle from desktop and plugged it to a raised extension cord. Have had 1 perfect update so far and sure you have solved my problem - Thanks.
No problem, i think your overall experience with the internet speed and downloading for other stuff will also be improved...

Try this:
COMODO uses internet explorer configs to update, try tweaking with IE configurations returning everything to its default settings.
Worked for me. Good luck.

Perhaps it’s about time there was a sticky on this issue. It’s very common.

There is an FAQ here

To me it sounds like users are not reading the FAQs, It’s not stickied in any of the CIS Help boards.

I’ve got the same problem, with different results on every reboot of my pc.
One time it seems to be stuck at 30% without any traffic at all (checked the file in the firewall).
The other time it completes within a very short amount of time (about 3 minutes) and asks me to reboot the system. When I do that Comodo still isn’t updatet.
On other occasions it advances to 50% sometimes even to 69%, then the “oops, you just found a bug” window pops up and freezes my whole system because of 100% CPU usage.

… it’s a freshly installed Windows XP system with Service Pack 3. Any ideas?


I just downloaded the latest file Ronny offered on october 19th: Where do I have to put that file? Do I have to rename it? Is there a possibility to just cirvumvent the Comodo internal updater and get those files manually every time?

Please check the \Program files\comodo\comodo internet security\ folder for the existence of crash.dmp
Can you zip that and upload it here?

Wow, you’re fast :smiley:
Just edited my last post :slight_smile:

So here’s the crash.dmp

Thank you for helping out

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After hours of trying Defense+ ceased to work on one point. Right in that moment Comodo downloaded the latest virus definitions and updatet them without a restart. I closed Comodo and restartet it and Defense+ also worked as if nothing ever happened. It doesn’t prove anything, but I come to the conclusion that Defense+ might interfere with the updating process.

Yes best procedure for this is to save it somewhere.
Boot in Safe-Mode and go to \Program files\comodo\comodo internet security\scanners
rename bases.cav to bases.old and copy the downloaded file here, then rename that to bases.cav
Now reboot, the AV engine should now be running this latest version.

Check for updates again and it should only have to merge just a few incremental updates.

This could be caused by the application crashing, if it crashes then it can’t show alerts anymore and will default to blocking… best thing is to reboot at that point