Antivirus Updates and Windows Action Center


I have setup CIS Pro to look for database updates every hour.
Windows Action Center reports that I should update my antivirus and it’s been more than 2 hours after I’ve opened my PC, without receiving any automatic updates.
This has happened some times before and when I click to manually check for updates, the database is indeed updated and Action Center goes back to happy.
Please advise on the situation.


Hi and welcome GeorgeP,
Could you possible have one of the options shown in the screenshot enabled and stopping automatic updates?


[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello captainsticks,

Thank you for the reply.
Both said options are unchecked on my CIS.
Should I try changing the settings, like choosing a longer check period?

Hi GeorgeP,
Changing the settings is a good idea, it may in fact reset the scheduled task in case the task is corrupt.
Disabling the update task and re-enabling it could also help by resetting the task.

Good luck sent your way.