Antivirus Updater

Hi, I’ve just started using CIS, 3.5.55810.432. It seems great but for one thing, how can I get it to update?
I tried uninstalling, scanning and cleaning out the registry, and re-installing a freshly downloaded copy, but I still only get to 30% and get thrown out with an internet connection error.
Is there any way to resolve this?

this is a known problem that others are currently experiencing. the developers are investigating and trying to resolve the issue.

mine doesn’t either. is this new?

It’s been happening to some since the launch of CIS. I had it a couple times and then it went away.

i had just the firewall. just installed the av part and it wont update

when is this going to be fixed???

Hello Ryderod,

A clean install will take a while to download and merge all updates, can you give us a detailed description of the error you get while downloading updates ?

Also it’s interesting to know where your installation came from, is this your first install, have you been using CFP before ? did you import you old configuration ?