antivirus update

hi, i have installed comodo and i have to update the antivirus list.
i click on “update now” and the updating starts, BUT when reach the 30% can’t go over.
i ry to disinstall comodo and reinstall, but the problem is on.
what can i do?

Remember that the first update after clean install is about 100Mb and it does hang a long time on 30% while downloading this 100Mb.

Just be patient. The process will stick at 30% for quite a while. This is confusing and annoying.

Hello. I’m getting a notice from Windows Security that virus definitions are out of date. I ran the AV updater. It goes to 5% and fails. Says to check internet connection or try again later. This was last night. Was something wrong with update server last night?

What version of CIS are you using gps777? Is the problem still present?

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Was reading through the CIS forum and found out an update just hit yesterday. For some reason, I kept getting the update icon in the taskbar but didn’t know if it was CIS or just AV. ??? Anyway, I manually updated CIS to .552 version and the AV sigs updated successfully. Just about ready to uninstall/reinstall but didn’t have to. ;D

I’m having same problem today. Will NOT update today. Did yesterday. Installed the update to 3.11.108364.552 the other day and worked fine. Until today.

Can you try again and see if it works? It works now three hrs after your post.

Hello. Well, I spoke too soon. I’m back at the Failed to update virus signatures when I manually try. I’m at virus database version 2131. I’m hoping that that is the response when there is no update. But I would think it would say No updates available or something like that. I’m probably going to unistall CIS and just install the firewall and go back to AVG or Avast! for AV if I get to the point where Security Center complains that the virus database is out of date.

ok guys, thank you for your help, i’lle be patient and retry…