Antivirus update problem

Hi all!

I would like to know does enybody has the same problem like me?
When I turn my computer on, after some minutes the AV starts update the virus definitions.
Donwload the new definitions takes approximately 10-20 seconds.
The progress bar shows 50% at that time.
Then I don’t know what happen, but my hard drive starts to work. Actually it is not a problem, but during this time “I can not do anything” with my computer, because it is too slow. Today I have a new record: 55 minutes!
It happens always just on the first update. Later updates are quick, usually I can not recognized them.
But the first one…
I have the newest version of CIS : 3.10.102363.531
I had this problem on the previous version also. I thought it is a bug and in the new version will be ok.
BUt I still have this problem and it takes more and more time.

Anybody has any idea what is the problem and how can I solve it?

Thanks for the help

If you here it might help you.