Antivirus update causes each time files waiting for review

Hi All,

I have Avira Antivirus which updates its signature quiet often, sometimes more than twice a day. That causes CFP each time to put all the modified dll in the list waiting for review. The list is about, I dont know, 20 files. At first lookup, some files are considered safe and were added to the safe file list, but the rest are set on unknown. I have no idea, whether Avira modifies the existing dll or adds some new dll to the list when updating its signature. But it is quiet annoying, to either lookup, submit and remove files for review twice a day. I already put Avira updater application to treat as installer or updater in the security policy, but this does not help. Is there any other way to avoid reviewing files updated by an application you trust?

Thanks in advance

All you need to do is put D+ in Safe mode then you do not have to deal with pending files. BTW if you look at your Avira update schedule it only updates every 24 hours unless you change your time.The files waiting for review are normal. If you search the form you will find my screen shot of all the Avira modules that need to be added to D+.

yes, I did change the update schedule to every 8 hours. Since it is a very good antivirus product and one of those with fastest signature update, why not taking this advantage and change from 24 to 8 hours? Even somtimes you manually update between the 8 hours period you could get new signature.
However, I follow your advice and switch D+ to safe mode and put all the dll from avira from which I know I can trust to my own safe files.