Antivirus test

i would like that Comodo Antivirus in the internet security suite would allow its antivirus to be tested in this site.

i would like to see wat it catches compared to other antiviruses.

as the antivirus now is in 3.0 right? (why is the antivirus by itself in 2.0 ???)

Also the firewall is still being tested by other sites right? like (also is the firewall in the internet security suite the same version as the one u download by its self or is it updated?

ive just noticed it still does but comodo fails like sss3, sss4 and a few others

See this post… :-La

The antivirus is version 3 now, it’s no longer 2.0. That’s the old verion, we usually refer to it as 2.0 beta because it was beta and never stopped being beta. :slight_smile:

I believe it’s been a while since Matousec tested CFP, since they want Comodo to pay for every test. They won’t do that for every new version (which usually addresses previously discovered leak vulnerabilities). The firewall of CIS (just uncheck the AV on installtion to get the FW only) is newer than the standalone CFP.

The last version that was tested on Matousec is Comodo Firewall Pro, and it was released 18th April, 2008. The results are way outdated and not reliable.

ah ok ok.

the firewall is just an updated version in CIS free right?

now where are the change logs for that one. btw ive seen the change logs doesn’t show wats new in the firewall version in CIS?

in security there is no difference right from free to payed? only in support?

yep (B)