Antivirus taskbar balloons can't be disabled

Config: WinXP SP3, 32-bit, CIS v3.8.65951.477

Running CIS as admin
D+ = Safe
F+ = Custom
AV = Enabled

I do NOT want a configuration password

I DO want to have all taskbar balloon messages suppressed (but NOT event notifications)

Misc > Settings > General > Show Balloon Messages is NOT checked

However, once a day (on three different PCs I have running this configuration), I still get two balloon popups in the taskbar:

  • Antivirus database definitions are updating
  • Antivirus database definitions have been updated

These two usually popup one right after the other.

Since this behavior does not match the configuration setting and since there does not seem to be another option to get rid of it besides enabling a config password, I am filing this as a bug. It’s really annoying after awhile, especially clicking through six balloons a day using different computers.


This is not a bug. The balloon pop up option in the settings refers to the Defense+ balloon pop ups, hence the AV update pop up balloons do not apply.

This has been mentioned in the wishlist multiple times. See here. :slight_smile: