Antivirus software change will save UNC $45,000...

“The University will soon be switching antivirus software in an effort to save about $45,000 a year. Stan Waddell, executive director and information security officer for Information Technology Services, said UNC pays licensing fees to Symantec, the current antivirus software provider, and is making a change to Microsoft.”

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My view: Should used Comodo not Symantec. Now they are sacrificing security over money. I’m aware that Comodo might not be the easiest product for their administrators to use if they struggled with Symantec but at least it would cost them nothing/way less with the “same or better” (my view) protection compared to Symantec. What a waste of money and wrong choices. One can argue that with the infection on their network they would pay more in the end. What’s your view?

P.S To UNC students vote for Comodo :slight_smile:

O yee +1000 to that 8) :110:

Glad to hear that ;D :-TU