Antivirus should have an option to limit cpu usage

During scans, Comodo antivirus uses up a lot of cpu time. So much in fact that sometimes computers overheat and otherwise behave overburden. This problem would be easy to overcome if the antivirus settings would provide an option to limit the cpu usage to a percentage of it’s maximum power. Microsoft Security Essentials provides this option and it delays a bit the scan but feels much nicer to the general computer’s health.

Basically you can do this in Task Manager already. Find the comodo scan process and change It’s priority. There you go. But yes - It should be here when all of known AV’s already have It.

I use instead of the Windows Task Manager the “System Explorer”. I can´t change the priority because Comodo blocks the change. So comodo use during scans 100% CPU…

+1 :-TU We need it