AntiVirus Scan problem

I’m having a problem with Comodo’s antivirus scanner eating up all the free hard drive space (10+GB) as it scans, it always seems to occur at the same place/time during the scan (visual studio 2010’s documentation library). I watched it open a couple hundred temp file handles to Comodo’s quarantine folder.

[attachment deleted by admin]

No ideas on a solution to this? As it is I cannot complete a full scan, as it eats up all free space and the computer becomes unresponsive.

Heres another picture with process explorer running during scan (lots of open file handles), free space goes from 12.9 gb free to 6gb, quickly 0 free space as soon as it starts scanning the Visual Studio 2010 library.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello aim4it;

I’ll try to assist you in your situation;

Could you add the Visual Studio Library to exclusions?
CIS > Antivirus > Antivirus Settings > Exclusions?

Forgot to mention I already did that, I added the directory and also every file in the directory, but the AV still scans it.

If you add it to exclusions and CIS still scans it then it would be a bug;

Please follow these instructions to report