Antivirus Scan of Network Drive


I am trying to scan my network drive, but I have been unable to do so. The only post I found while searching was from 2008, where a moderator said to add this feature to the “wishlist”. I assume that this important feature has been added by now.

Here is my situation: I have a Win7 64 bit machine with a D-link DNS-321 NAS, both connected to a router. The NAS has a static ip of, I have a login/password to access the NAS, and the NAS is currently mounted as the Z drive in “Network Location” in My Computer.

I created a new scan profile, but I am unable to get CIS to actually scan the NAS. When I try to add files/folders for the scan profile, the NAS is not an option under “Computer” (where I thought it would have it as the “Z” drive), under “Control Panel” → “Network and Internet” (as maybe a network location), or “Hardware and Sound” → “Devices and Printers” (as a network device). Under the “Devices and Printers”, my other network devices (2 network printers, 3 PCs) appear.

Because the NAS did not appear, I added the “C” drive multiple times and edited to the following, which I believe accurately reflects the different ways the NAS appears in Windows:

\\Volume_1-1 (\Dlink-16F1E1)
Volume_1-1 (\Dlink-16F1E1)(Z:)
\Volume_1-1 (\Dlink-16F1E1)(Z:)

However, none of these resulted in scanning the NAS. If I go into “Defense+” → “Trusted Files” → “Add”, a file/device browser similar to that of scan profile for the antivirus pops up. There, the NAS appears under “Computer” as “Volume_1-1 (\Dlink-16F1E1)(Z:)”. Additionally, if I go into Windows Explorer and right-click the NAS, I can do a manual scan.

Is there any work around for this so I can automatically get the NAS scanned? Am I missing a setting somewhere that is not letting cis see the NAS? In the alternative, does someone have a batch file that will automatically run the manual scan on a daily basis?

Thank you for your help in advance.