Antivirus scan hangs up

Hey there. I’m new to the forum so pls a little patience. I have a C2DUO E4400 cpu, Windows xp sp3 32 bit, only cis installed and running, spybot s&d from time to time, defense+ disabled, firewall safe mode, cis version: 3.5.57173.439, virus database 711. My problem is: when the whole computer scan reaches a particular Winrar archive of 14.3 mb my computer freezes and dont continues, only restarting the computer helps me. Ive checked the archive with winrar and there are no errors, and if i scan only that particular archive the scaner dont hang up.
Any solution pls? That happenned twice yet.

Wow… nothing?? (:SAD)

Evening Sir,

Just to confirm your information
OS: Windows XP SP3 32 Bit
Security Programs: CIS Only With Firewall & AV __ Spybot S&D


I don’t use spybot, only now and then, none of his background protection like tea timer or…you name it is active. Ne vermind i’ll wait for one update that solves the problem.

I have a Dell 4600 and am also a new Comodo user with a similar problem. Antivirus never completes. It runs for about ten hours and then cannot get past a small font file in my Tex directory. All I can do is stop the scan.