Antivirus running interface freezes

The comodo antivirus scanner running at 100% usage of cpu and the interface freezes. This is happening on large harddrives. Question, can i throttle the scanner? If so, where in CIS antivirus is the settings to do this. If not could this be a function setting put in future antivirus products .

Hi stantheman1, welcome to the forums.

CIS doesn’t currently have this function, although it (CPU limiting) has been proposed in various forms.

However, a hang & freeze like that, whilst running an AV scan, is more indicative of a problem that the AV has encountered with a specific file. Which version of CIS do you have?

Sorry for not getting back to you on this issue sooner. My current AV is CIS Product version: 5.0.163652.1142 and Virus Signature Database Version: 6951.
This problem may have be related to files I posted in another post, that I believed were giving me false positives. Two files now do not give the AV any problems. The third file I am told to put it in the exclusions if I wish to continue having it for future use.
The problem may also be because of my large external drive of 1TB with over 5,000,000 objects or files that the AV has to scan. This is why I ask about throttling the scanner.
Thanks you for your help. :slight_smile: