Antivirus running cpu at 100%

xp pro sp3
Comdo started useing 100% cu and i had to hard boot computer. on reboot it would not load past wall paper
.hard booted again went into safemode used system restore still would not load past wall paper managed to get task manager running showed 100% camdagent same as before.
hard booted yet again safemode uninstalled comodo av only rebooted no problem. reinstalled comodo av rebooted stuck at wall paper. hardboot to safemode uninstalled comodo av. rebooted no problem. installed avg free no problems. i have gotten a few strange freezes coincidence with scheduled comodo scan.

comodo firewall still installed and functioning well.


please take a look at this topic :

it should fix the problem you’re experiencing.

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ok i,ve done this will let avg finish scanning remove it reinstall comodo av and let you know how it goes!

I had the problem at boot up this morning. My PC was completely locked. I eventually managed to get ProcessExplorer running and saw cmdagent taking 100% of cpu much of the time. Still could not get my app’s to load so I exited Comodo which did not help. ProcessExplorer revealed that cmdagent remains running after Comodo is supposedly not running! I was unable to shut down cmdagent with ProcessExplorer. This is no good at all.

I rebooted in safe mode and uninstalled Comodo.

This was my only option for stopping cmdagent to be able to gain access to my PC! Note that last bit… MY PC, not yours or cmdagent’s, MY PC! I got rid of ZoneAlarm Security Suite a while back for the same sort of resource hogging at startup. Let’s just get this straight. It’s MY PC and I’m trying to protect it from criminals on the www. I have not granted Comodo the right to take it over like that. I’m really peeved at this, I lost a lot of time this morning. I don’t know whether to trust Comodo again.

Why does cmdagent stay running if I shut down Comodo? This needs to be changed.

There was a problem earlier today with a couple of updates of the AV that made cmdagnet go though the roof. The offending updates are now withdrawn. Here is a little read about it:

I too uninstalled CIS first before I went to the forums and found out what was happening… 88) :wink: